Asus Zenbook pro 14 duo Review:

zenbook pro 14 duo

So, this is the brand new Asus Zenbook pro 14 duo with OLED very long name. But it’s a very special laptop because it’s a laptop that has 14 inches display. It also has a second 12.7-inch display. So, two displays on one laptop. Now, this is really very cool. There are some trade-offs to having two displays on your laptop from a design standpoint. 

 This is absolutely gorgeous. This is a metal chassis. it’s using this black anodized aluminum. You have the new updated Asus logo for their pro line. Definitely gives some star trek vibes you have all these concentration curls spanning across the laptop it’s a very sleek look.

oled features and specifications asus

Zenbook pro 14 duo is very light weight. It is under four pounds. Obviously, this is not Ultrabook territory. But it’s definitely light enough that you can use this as a device to carry everywhere. you have a good amount of I/o, for example, you have an audio jack on the left-hand side, and then on the right-hand side, you have two thunderbolts 4 ports which do support power delivery of your light indicators. your USB port and then on the back you have an HDMI port and micro SD card slot.  

 Keyboard and Touchpad:

zenbook 14 pro OLED duo full review

This is a very tactile keyboard. It feels great to type on but from an ergonomic standpoint, it’s not the best for your wrist. your hands are just so close to your body. because of how close the keyboard is even if you put it away after a while your wrists will start to feel sore. You don’t want to just use it like that for a longer period of time because you’re going to end up with t-rex arms. You can place a wrist pad in front of the actual laptop and it’s going to feel a thousand times better than the other thing.


pixels of asus 14 pro duo oled

It also reflects the same sort of color accuracy you’d expect on the bigger one. Both displays use 120 hertz. They both have a very good color gamut. They have fantastic color accuracy. It just pops but if you play games on this or you watch content on this. It looks so good because it has such a low response time of 0.2 milliseconds. 

 If you’re looking at text and reading text. you can see the pixels and depend on how your eyes are. It might kind of bother you. If you’re sitting pretty far back. you’re not going to notice it. But as soon as you move in let’s say about one to two feet and you’re reading text on a white page you can kind of see the pixels. The good news though is that PWM flicker is significantly better you can adjust it. So, that it’s easier on your eyes which was a major complaint with the first-generation panels.

 Pen with zenbook:

It also comes with Asus MPP 2.0 pen. It’s a good pen for taking notes. Most users don’t like taking notes on the top display because it’s a little too wobbly. Asus Zen book doesn’t have the support but this bottom display is perfect for writing notes. It’s flat enough that it feels a lot more natural. They’ve also improved the hinge. There’s a lot more room for airflow the screen comes up a bit more. I think this is a great way to keep the laptop cool. 

 Heat Outflow:
easily heat outflow from asus

They do have a whisper mode. which keeps the fans below 40 decibels but as soon as, you like kick it on to standard or performance mode. The fans tend to go on quite often the keyboard deck doesn’t get hot. since all the stuff is at the back but the bottom of the laptop does get a bit too hot. So, if you’re using this on your lap, it might feel a little bit uncomfortable.  If we talk about the price of Asus zenbook pro 14 duo price in 2022 is 227,166 PKR.

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Is zenbook Pro Duo good for video editing?

Yes, its performance is really very good in video editing. It makes an excellent laptop for any user. Artists or designers of graphics photographers go on to the editing of the video. For benchmarks, if you’ll launch a 4K video.  a video with some b-roll and a rang of motion pictures and execute it inside the deadline to observe  Well, it’s capable.  RTX 2060 can run playback.  smooth playback in the complete timeline quality  4k for a movie without any drop frames rendering test It can render out everything.  of the  Motion graphics with 7240 frames in 3-time intervals of 23 minutes,  It has an above-average rendering performance length.

Sound of fan:

Asus zenbook pro 14 duo OLED (2022) in the photoshop benchmark test, the fan noise reached a maximum of 44 decibels; in the premiere pro 4k export, a maximum of 49 decibels; in the premiere pro render, a maximum of 50 decibels; and in the donation resolve export, a maximum of about 50 decibels. In the zenbook pro 14 duo oled (ux8402, 12th gen intel price) thermal test, the zenbook pro duo idles at about 38 degrees celsius; during the 4k export, a maximum of 50 decibels

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