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Know about what is MIS its 3 types with examples!

Before Understanding MIS we need to understand what is Information system.

  An information system is any system that helps us to store, or retrieve data. Example: Copy or register in which we can store any information in written form. Note pads in laptops can also be an example of it.

 MIS stands for Management information system. It is the software that is basically used to detect the relationship between people, technology, and organization. Basically, the main purpose of this software is for business-critical decision-making within an enterprise. Within a business, we have to manage different departments and have to take the right decisions about them.

Management Information system

Main Purpose of MIS:

Information system nowadays is essential for businesses because it plays a vital role. Everyone who works in business, from someone who pays the bill to the person who makes the management decisions uses IS. 

Example: A retail store might use a computer-based information system in its business. 

 The main purpose of MIS is to improve decision-making, by providing up-to-date and accurate data, and other information including Financial, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Financial, and Project timelines. But it totally depends on the decision you want to take, or the problem you want to solve so you have to provide correct data according to the situation. Then the MIS software makes that data in-process and then makes it into the report and gives the final result.


A company compares its current month’s sales to last year’s sales. You will provide data to the software about your product’s production process and your employee. Now, this software will now give you a way to boost your revenues.

Types of MIS software:

There are four major types of MIS software:

  • Transaction process software.
  • Decision system software.
  • Executive system software.
What is MIS its 3 types with examples, Types of MIS
What is MIS its 3 types with examples

Transaction process Software: This type of MIS software is used to collect, modify and retrieve the data related to transactions within the enterprise. Example: sales order, reservation of hotel, employees record.

MIS/DSS (Decision support system): It is used by management to take important decisions. When the TPS report is done it’ll transfer to DSS so, that middle-level managers can take decisions by using DSS. Example GPS route planning is the best example of DSS. GPS routers make the problem easy when and where the company should open its new branch.

Executive support system: It is for the strategic level that is useful to top-level managers.

Who can pursue MIS degrees?

  • He should have good problem-solving skills.
  • He should have the ability to effectively manage time and resources.
  • Can do teamwork.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to think strategically about technology.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing their own ideas.

Positions of MIS specialist in Companies:

  • IT Consultant
  • Web Developer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Business Application Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Developer

What is mis its 3 types with examples what is mis its 3 types with examples

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