Now, there have been lots of great top 5 best smartphones this year, so it’s been very difficult to narrow this down to just five. so no doubt there may be a smartphone that you feel should have been on this list. A disclaimer, this list is in no particular order. I’m just giving you my top five.  let’s start,

samsung s 22 ultra top 5 best smatphones
top 5 best smartphones

Despite the fact that it was released relatively early in the year. still stands strong and competes favorably with many other flagships. We have stunning displays and outstanding all-around cameras. It offers the greatest zoom. Excellent performance and the S Pen are also included this year. thus turning it into a notepad, but not everyone likes that. I’m a fan of the Note Series myself. It’s wonderful that this has been incorporated into the S Series. It’s not flawless, mind you.

 The battery life, in my opinion, hasn’t really held up over time, and many current gadgets offer far superior battery life. Although we now have devices with the 8+ Gen. 1 rather than the 8, the performance is still excellent. But even with all of that, it’s still without a doubt among the finest smartphones in 2022. Honorable mentions must be given to the S22 and S22 Plus, though. The S22 and S22 Plus offer a lot of what the S22 Ultra does, but at a reduced price, if you’re someone who doesn’t have the money for the S22 Ultra or doesn’t require the S Pen.

2. ASUS ZenFone 9.

asus zenfone 9 top 5 best smartphones
top 5 best smartphones

This smartphone is small and offers few tradeoffs. You continue to receive the 8+ Gen 1. You can receive a 120 Hz display. You may receive a camera with gimbal stabilization. Dedicated speakers with quick charging. Compared to what we had with the ZenFone 8, the price has jumped significantly. On the front display, there is a slight chin. We lack wireless charging, a feature that virtually all current flagships have. I truly like it, and it’s still the best tiny smartphone that money can buy.

iphone 14 pro top 5 best smartphones
top 5 best smartphones

We’ve made some fantastic upgrades to the 14 Pro and Pro Max. The Pro Max is such an amazing tool. enhanced show thanks to Dynamic Island. And it is quite distinctive. We have the most brilliant display, which is fantastic for outdoor use. The most reliable and high-quality camera kit. Amazing cameras are found on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It appears that Apple is now considering this feedback and offering us more choices for the always-on display. Additionally, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max has climbed considerably, particularly in the UK and many other countries. I am aware that the economic climate is to blame, not Apple.

4. Google Pixel 7.

google pixel 7 top 5 best smartphone
top 5 best smartphones

Because of its extremely competitive price point, the Google Pixel 7 is the one that I can suggest to the majority of people as being incredibly good for the majority of people. hardly £600 or $600. At that price, you essentially get everything that the 7 Pro offers, which is a lot more. It’s amazing that Google’s software processing gives you an identical primary camera. I am aware that some people find it a little bit overly processed. Photo Unblur, which in my experience works quite well, is a software enhancement for Google’s own unique Tensor chip that you won’t find on other devices.

  The Google phone assistant is available, and you can also transcribe voice memos. which are all quite practical and specific to the Google Pixel experience. Sure, you only get 9 hertz instead of the 120 hertz you would expect from a flagship, and there is no dedicated telephoto camera. However, the Google Pixel 7 is a fantastic purchase in my opinion, and I have no problem recommending it. The Google Pixel 7 Pro does need to be given an honorable mention, though. It has significantly improved compared to the Google Pixel 6 Pro while still being a fantastic flagship and priced more reasonably than other flagships.

galaxy fold 4 top 5 best smatphones
top 5 best smartphones

However, the majority of these are currently unavailable in Western markets. Samsung currently has a small amount of monopoly, which has, in my opinion, made them a little bit lazy. They might not be later on. Therefore, despite the fact that I really appreciate the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, especially in terms of the software and excellent folding display utilization. We have made significant advancements in battery life and cameras, two areas I was most interested in enhancing. The Fold 4 is much more widely available because of its continued affordable pricing.

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