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Are Human thoughts dependent? In this big world, there are a lot of people who believe in different religions. They believe in different Gods and adopts different culture. People with different religions thought that whatever they think and whatever they do is all ordered by their God. But the sitch is completely poles apart. I will justify my words with some examples later.

  As of now, I want to make your attention to the word “thoughts”.  Thoughts are mental events. The brain/mind creates emotions and thoughts. Human thoughts and thinking refer to conscious cognitive processes that can happen independently of sensory stimulation. A study from 2020 says that a normal human has 6000 more thoughts in a day. Participants of age around 25-30 use brain imaging to track. While participants watch movies, eat food, play, and do normal activities.

 Now, I want to justify my words with some examples, I am at university for example, and taking the class Business Research Management but my mind is thinking of something irrelevant to the topic, why do hospitals use the + sign? for example. So, the first thing is to prove that our thoughts are not dependent on our surroundings or other things.  I know many peoples will now think that it is from God that is all I’m thinking right now. But, I’ve another strong example to prove this also.

 Peoples believe that their God is always true and also order them not to do wrong. When Peoples thinks about some negative things like harassment, Thieving, Lying, etc. so, this will also have ordered by their God? Just I want to clarify that Human thought is not dependent on other factors whether these factors are related to nature or non-natural things. Humans can think whatever they want. Whenever they want. What do you say Is thinking of human dependent or not? 

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