Below are the list and short review of the Best smartphones under 200 dollars. Even the greatest inexpensive phones are powerful. Despite the release of some new flagships, we’ve tested a number of phones that cost less than $500 and discovered that they provided most of the features you might need, whether you’re an Android or iPhone fan. 

 In fact, we go so far as to say that after using the best cheap phones, you’ll wonder why anyone would need to spend $800 or more on a flagship device when a sub-$500 handset offers many of the same basic features as those on a budget. vast enough displays for viewing videos and playing games, as well as enough battery life to get you through most of the day, and a 5G connection has become typical for low-cost phones. 

   However, you will be pleasantly surprised by what the best cheap phones deliver. As always, you can check the pricing for any of these products in the description below. However, you do need to make some trade-offs in this price range as you won’t always find the most powerful processors, 120-hertz displays, or versatile Zoom cameras. However, overall, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the best cheap phones.


1. Xiaomi redmi Note 10 Pro :

Xiaomi real best smartphones under 200 dollars.
smartphones under 200 dollars

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is just an improved Poco X3 NFC with a better display and camera. The 6.67-inch 120-hertz panel has moled Tech, which means excellent contrast and rich colors. Meanwhile, the 108-megapixel primary camera succeeds and is backed by a pair of secondary Snappers that exceed expectations, as well as interesting additions like 33w rapid charging, a headphone connection, and even an IR blaster. Given what Xiaomi has included here, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is elevated from an excellent to a terrific budget offering


2. OnePlus n25d:

OnePlus may have lost some favor with ardent Android users recently, but the firm still produces excellent budget phones.

  The Nord n25d costs just $299 but offers respectable performance thanks to its Snapdragon 695 chipset and 6 gigs of RAM battery life is incredible in our testing we were able to get 10 hours of screen time over three days between charges it has an IP 52 rating so it can withstand some rain and it charges at up to 33 Watts with the supplied charger it also has a striking design for a low-cost device but it has typical cheap phone issues. Its cameras are subpar, and the quality of its all-plastic construction isn’t outstanding.

one plus and smartphones under 200 dollars
smartphones under 200 dollars

 However, it is reasonably priced, will ultimately have Android 12, and will also receive three years of bi-monthly security updates, which is more than many other phones in this price range provide. The N20 is a terrific phone if you’re on T-Mobile even though it is only officially completely compatible with T-Mobile; it is not certified for 5G on nnt or any service on Verizon.


iPhone 13 and smartphones under 200 dollars
smartphones under 200 dollars

      With the transition to the same a15 bionic chipset present in the iPhone 13, Apple’s most recent iPhone SE delivers one significant hardware change to the iPhone SE. Its vibrant and vivid 4.7-inch Retina Display makes multitasking and mobile gaming a snap.

  The SE can use wireless charging and has the recognizable iPhone glass and metal design, so it’s not the only premium feature that was imported from other premium devices. However, the SC’s camera is still its biggest drawback, even though we know the iPhone 13’s processing power was successfully transferred to the SC. While the 12mp back camera is adequate, the se’s powerful sock will seek to supplement the relatively weak camera with greater computational photography capabilities

4. Samsung Galaxy a53 :

The Samsung Galaxy a53 is unquestionably the greatest affordable Samsung phone, and it doesn’t even appear cheap. Despite being reasonably priced This beautiful low-cost phone has a good screen and even better cameras. The 6.5-inch screen is just as fancy thanks to Samsung’s molded display technology, which makes every piece of content you watch bold and colorful. We also discovered that the visuals were incredibly crisp. Trust us, during our tests, we discovered that it takes such bright and vibrant images that there’s very little need for editing before posting them on social media.

Samsung and smartphone under 200 dollars
smartphones under 200 dollars

However, unless you absolutely need a speedy Flagship for your daily mob aisle needs, these aren’t deal breakers, especially if you care more about the media that you’re consuming. Sadly, due to its 120-hertz refresh rate, our tests have discovered that its performance and charging capabilities are a little slow.

5. Google pixel 6A:

The Google Pixel 6A may not be as affordable as its predecessors, but you’re still getting one of the best phones available. It is powered by the same Tensor processor found in the top-tier Pixel 6 series, making it the most powerful Android phone available for the money and enabling every single smart software feature found on the Google flagships, such as Assistant voice typing, which lets you type using just your voice instead of the keyboard, and Magic Eraser, which lets you erase text with a single touch.

google pixel and smartphone under 200 dollars
smartphones under 200 dollars

This is an excellent phone for someone who avoids huge screens; the 6.1-inch Mo LED display isn’t the smallest around, but it’s on the smaller end of most phones today, making it simple to grip and operate. However, Google is only guaranteed three years of security patches and Android OS improvements. The rear is made of plastic composite, so you have one less area to worry about if you drop it, but the front is covered by Gorilla Glass 3, so you’ll want to apply a screen protector. The 4410ma H battery easily lasts me a day, and the screen is easy to view in natural light.

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