Samsung XCover 6 pro Review:

Samsung XCover 6 pro is specifically made for resistance and ruggedness. Samsung Galaxy X cover 6 Pro is the latest rugged phone from Samsung. and this is the fastest model ever in the history of the excavator lineup. Galaxy XCover was released in June but it’s not available in the US market yet. Don’t know why it takes more time for the US market. but it will be released very soon so, it will be on sale.

There is lots of interesting thing about the Samsung XCover 6 Pro. First of all it has Snapdragon 778g inside and it’s an awesome processor. It’s not the fastest one but you can do pretty much everything with this. Without compromising a lot of multitasking gaming and taking photos or videos are just a piece of cake.


battery XCover

Samsung XCover 6 pro has a very unique feature which is a removable battery. Of course, it is very old and frankly. We lost technology these days. some of you probably remember that a phone with a removable battery. was pretty common, back in the day. when we bought a phone there were typically two removable batteries in the package. and we could swap to a fully charged battery without having to carry a power bank. 

 XCover 6 Pro brings the experience back with the removable battery. Although it has only one battery. By default in the package, the 450 milli ampere battery lasts more than one day with chrome YouTube and all the ordinary stuff.


Samsung XCover 6 pro

It comes with 120 hertz 6.6 inch LCD display and it’s not just LCD but PLS LCD. LCD sounds familiar but what is PLS? it is plain to line switching and whatever that means Samsung developed Proprietary LCD. Samsung says it has wider viewing angles. It is 10 times brighter than IPS displays. Very similar in design and construction to an IPS panel so basically, it is an improved IPS panel. The display is pretty bright for an LCD display the display is viewable even under strong sunlight.

It is pretty good when you keep the display brightness for a long time. Frontline workers sometimes have to keep the display on for quite a long time to view things like schematics, Maps, photos, and documents. when this happens AMOLED displays get burned in, while LCD displays don’t. so, I think it was the right choice for Samsung to use an LCD display for this phone. For the nighttime workers, it gets pretty dim and there’s an extra dim option so it can be deemed as dim as you want.

Samsung Xcover 6 pro Camera:

It has 50 megapixels wide, 8-megapixel Ultra-wide, and a 13-megapixel selfie camera. There is no Optical image stabilization and laser-assisted autofocus but it makes sharp and nice images. You can able to get a crisp image of fast-moving cars just by point and shooting. In Pro mode, you can manually control shutter speed ISO, and other stuff just like a professional camera. 

 one thing I was really impressed with is the portrait mode. It is near perfect even in a challenging situation. This phone always made a super good result. Night mode is also really fantastic. It makes a night and day difference without too much noise in a photo. Xcover camera takes a little bit more time to take photos than in the normal mode but the result is worth waiting.

Work with Gloves:

There’s a unique feature on this display and that is we can use it even with gloves on frankly. when I saw this on Samsung’s website, I was a bit skeptical about this. How could I use smartphones with this kind of glove Zone?  Smartphone can be used with thick lever-coated gloves for construction workers. If we could use this phone with gloves on it’s going to be a very choppy experience.

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