Samsung S22 Ultra

 Samsung S22 Ultra:

This is the new smartphone Samsung s22 Ultra. That is launched by Samsung in the year 2022 2nd month in February. For two weeks I’m using this amazing smartphone.  I had to be given a review of this phone. Let’s start review on this phone and its functions and features. The phone we’re going to review is called the Samsung S22 ultra.

Ultra is Samsung’s portfolio basically comes to highlight the highest ambitions, the biggest numbers, and the most features. A special edition on this phone that shape is totally different from others, squared off design flat top and bottom and a pen built-in.  


The display is also excellent. It has a huge 6.8 inch, 1440p AMOLED at 120 hertz with 240 hertz touch sample rate, and a max brightness of 1,750 nits. These phones are all very sunlight readable. But still, credit goes to Samsung for improving its display making it even better

It has got a great fingerprint reader under the middle of the screen and still has a hole punch camera in the top middle.


We all know that it will not be called Ultra until it has a massive battery.  

samsung s22 ultra

 S22 ultra has a 55000-milliamp battery. But, generally, users’ battery experience has been very, very good with this mobile. Easily ending heavy days with 30, 40+% battery left and could extrapolate about seven hours of screen-on time out of a Charge. screen-on time is different for everyone, but it’s been great.

Plus, on top of that, it does charge a little bit.


s-pen of s22

Despite all other features, Samsung introduces an S-pen. which takes up a full column within the phone. however speaking of that S Pen, that’s what is new, the Note stuff. You can do extremely precise sketch work with a pen. It is just casual writing,

Samsung S22 Ultra Camera:

camera and msmartphone

It has autofocused, and there are a lot of amazing things with the camera of the S22 Ultra, first one is accurate portrait mode. This means it has night mode photography as well which can be compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

sound quality s22 ultra
The quality of the sound is really very great and loud.

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