Samsun Galaxy A33

samsung A33 review
samsung A33 review

This is Samsung A33 review 5G and compared to last year’s model, it brings a lot of upgrades this time. The Galaxy A33 5G is a midrange that offers plenty of bang for your buck, especially compared to the Cheaper smartphone of Samsung. Notably, it will come in a single 5G variant instead of both 5G and 4G versions.

Let’s start the Samsung A33 review: The design is moderately different compared to last year, with the camera hump into the plastic back panel. It provides an ease of grip too. Overall, the A33 5G is pretty friendly and feels good in your hand.  

sound review

Another major difference is the audio. We lost the headphone jack this time, but we got a new stereo speaker setup. Test for the loudness of the speakers earned a good mark, and the quality is rich.

Samsung A33 Review: Display

On top of that, you get a competitive 6.4-inch Super display with 1080p resolution, Gorilla Glass 5 protection, and a 90Hertz refresh rate. Colors can also be fairly accurate, depending on the color settings you want to choose. Samsung phones like the Galaxy A23 and the A33 5G have an ambient light sensor that controls automatic brightness. 

samsung A33 review and sim slot

In this new phone, you don’t have a dedicated microSD slot, so you’d have to choose between a memory card or a second SIM. 

 Large 5,000mAh battery powers the Galaxy A33 5G. This phone supports up to 25-watt charging. We tested the Galaxy A33 with a Samsung 25-watt adapter and it is able to charge the phone from 0 to 50% in half an hour.

Samsung A33 Camera

The A33 5G has a 48MP, optically stabilized main cam, an 8MP ultrawide, a 5MP macro cam, and a depth sensor.  The 12-megapixel photos from the main camera are perfect. They are sharp and offer a good resolution, good contrast, low noise, and a comfortable dynamic range.


Our main gripe is that we get typical Samsung renderings and those bold colors aren’t for everyone. The portrait is shot using a depth sensor and is pretty good. At night, the main camera takes great-looking photos.  Enabling Night Mode will give you sharper, less noisy results and more detail in shadows. They’re sharp, with low noise, saturated colors feature, and praiseworthy dynamic range.  

The footage is sharper than expected, with excellent detail resolution, low noise, and wide dynamic range. The colors do not match the main colors – they are actually more realistic So, that’s the Galaxy A33 5G. You also get waterproofing, stereo speakers, solid software support, and, a great camera for the price.

The A33 5G is definitely worth recommending. 

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