Overthinking is associated with increased stress, depression, and anxiety. Many people in this world are a victim of this problem. It happens when a person is stressed or is in a situation to he/she can’t handle. There is not any word present in this world that has only one face effect. Peoples usually ignore it, but they don’t know how unfavorable it is to their health. It can cause death. Yes, indeed, overthinking is not an illness itself but, research proves that it can cause death sooner. A study by Harvard medical school researchers found that excessive brain activity can lead to a shorter life. In other words, thinking too much could cause dying sooner.

student and overthinking

When I was a student, I had to give a presentation in front of most senior teachers, and thousands of audience. I was stressed. Due to stress anxiety increased. Due to an increase in anxiety, I started overthinking what if I can’t. what if I forget what I assumed to say? This is the most basic example I took. Almost 98% of people are at this stage.  He talked to someone but he didn’t tell me. Why he didn’t tell me?  Am I not keeping importance in his eyes? Is there my mistake?

2021 Research says that 53% of 40-50 years and 73% of 25-35 years old peoples overthinks. When a person whether he is my friend or unknown talks to me, says something normally, but I misunderstood it. I’ll think that he deliberately told me. Or found a negative factor. The whole day I’ll be stressed, eating disorder, depressed. Swings in mood, Took out anger on others.

What overthinking do?

Overthinking can set you up for a vicious cycle that is hard to break. It weeks your mental peace. They can be paralyzed by their worries and may struggle to make decisions or actions. Rumination can be common in people who have chronic pain and chronic illness. It Keeps your mind tends to focus on negative terms, sabotaging happy thoughts, will keep your mind in constant negativity.

How can you overcome thoughts? Take action, plan, try meditation, spend time with family, and if you love yourself spend time with yourself. Are you also an overthinker? Suggest to others how you face it.

By Ayesha

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