Balat Istanbul

Balat Istanbul

Here are some most beautiful places in Turkey. Istanbul is the most famous city in Turkey. But Balat is one of the most hipster and colorful neighborhoods in Istanbul. It is a place that has cobbled streets and historical buildings. You’ll sense the atmosphere unlike anywhere else. The district is hidden away a little bit. It is quite close to the GOLDEN HORN (Haliç in Turkish). 

The roads are extremely pleasant. The most classic part of Balat is the colorful houses along sloping streets. These homes are around 50 years old and some of them are 200+ years old. The people of Balat are very welcoming and many families over there have been living there for generations. There are tons of churches and synagogues, for example, the Yambol synagogue, and The Vaftizci Yahya church. It’s the district where you can’t go wrong if you forget the way at the corner of the street you’ll get find old café and restaurants. It is the most spectacular place where you should go to know more about it.

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Kaş pronounced as kash is a beautiful little town nestled along Turkey’s turquoise coast. It is a district of Antalya. It is a small fishing, yachting, and tourist town. Kaş itself is a pleasant place with a blue sea ocean, narrow streets, and scented jasmine flowers. This is a small city so, it has not fancy hotels like Hilton, although it has many unique hotels to stay in. Marine offers tours of the nearby island most commonly kekova. 

The dome of Istanbul

The domes of Istanbul

Ortaköy Mosque is one of the prettiest mosques as BadShahi Mosque in Pakistan across the Golden Horn. Indeed, Ortaköy Mosque with a bridge background use to demonstrate that particular Istanbul tradition and modernity. It was built by the famous Mahmut Ağa, the son-in-law of Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha. If you will have a chance to visit the mosque don’t forget to spend time with its surroundings. You can explore the craft market that takes place on the side street every week. There is also Aya Fokas church and Etz-Ahayim synagogue nearby.



If you’re a lover of historical places, you should visit Ephesus in Turkey. It is on the ancient Greece coast of Ionia, Selcuk, in the Izmir province of Turkey. Not only it is popular with Greeks and Romans. It was also an important center of Christianity. The Library of Celsus Built-in 117 A.D. Gaius Julius Aquila built the library in honor of his father, Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, a governor of Roman Asia who is buried beneath the library. One of the three main streets in Ephesus is Curetes Street which is between the library of Celsus and Hercules Gate. Along this street, there are homes of rich Ephesians.

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