India and Pakistan are the two countries that have the worst relations between them. At the same time, diplomatic matches have also been offered to improve relations between countries. The match between India and Pakistan is the most intense sports rivalry. Now, in 2022 T20 between India and Pakistan is in Melbourne (Australia) Match. Peoples see this match by keeping their work pending. All the attentiveness is toward this match. The scale of supporters of both teams is balanced. Cricket fans know that India won nine games out of twelve against Pakistan. It means that India is the winning team against Pakistan. The match between them always carries a dramatic change. At the Origination, Pakistan seemed to be the winning team, and its supporters celebrated it in advance, but when the match ended, a radical change occurred, and the winning team announced India.

History can't be change - Ind vs Pak T20 World cup

The result was quite surprising in the last 10 matches played between Pakistan and India, with the 7 games won by the Indian team. While 3 matches won by Pakistani team. As seen from the statistics, it is pretty upsetting that the result will be shown that the Indian team is more robust than Pakistan.
In Melbourne ground, the total number of matches between Pakistan and India is around 23. The exciting thing is that the team who won the toss and elected to bat first won the entire game because of the ground pitch.

Melbourne Match Ground Pitch report

According to Michael Sel Bator, the pitch was ready 2 weeks ago. The few points of this pitch are that
1) Melbourne pitch will favor the spinning bowler.
2) Both teams have good spinners, and the competition will be balanced of the contest.
3) The straight boundary is 77 meters, while the left side boundary is around 65 meters.
4) The square boundary is too much, and the boundary distance from the pitch is around 84 meters.
5) Spinner will try to restrict straight boundaries. If he successfully completes that mission, maximum catches will be around the square boundary.

Melbourne Match ground Weather report

The weather report is quite upsetting. It is predicted that rain will be started during the match. Still, as seen from the current weather scenario, it has been noticed that there is no indication of rain, and the temperature is around 19C. But we can’t say anything, and it is all controlled by God’s Hand. Melbourne ground is one of Australia’s most considerable Cricket grounds, and it has a capacity of around 100,024 people. Melbourne ground has a unique point in that the space for the audience will be much greater than other grounds, and they can enjoy this match a lot in chilly weather.

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