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Lenovo yoga 9i convertible laptop

10 years have passed since Lenovo’s first reveal. The Yoga line to the world and 10 years down. I’m still mesmerized by each of their latest offerings like this beautiful machine. This is the high-end two-in-one convertible the yoga 9i.

Lenovo is actually made some great changes in the designs as compared to their previous laptops. Lenovo yoga 9i is still 14 inches but had gained some extra vertical space. It is convertible to this generation and is rounded-out edges that make it really very comfortable and smooth. They polished it by giving a new look. On the left side of the laptop, you can get a USB port: two thunderbolts four ports. Its weight is very similar to its old ones

Lenovo Yoga 9i storage:

lenovo yoga 9i storage and price

It comes with the Intel i7 1260p processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB. SSD and Intel Iris X Graphics. You can get the core i7 1280p processor with 14 cores and 20 threads. Then you also get a 16 GB LP ddr5 Ram. there’s a 1TB Samsung SSD there’s Intel Iris XC graphics and a 75-watt-hour battery under the hood. so the machine is packed to the guilds but at the same time, it has got the looks as well.

lenovo Yoga 9i keyboard:

Lenovo yoga 9i 14 keyboard

It has a one-touch key row so on the bottom. Its keyboard got an 8-inch touch screen. That is the dream of content creators. it allows you to snap things to the bottom display which is treated like a windows display now you can just treat it like a separate window screen you drag stuff down you also have some apps that might snap right over to it. There’s just so much more space to move your fingers around. It’s very accurate and got a good size.

Many other laptops are there in the market for offices and students use like Zenbook and Samsung. for gaming stuff, we have the more powerful gaming laptops like legion 5 pro and 5i pro. But it can also be used for gaming like Forza Horizon. It’s much better than Lenovo’s own ThinkPad x1 carbon. The reason for that is this year they implemented a 1080p RGB hybrid camera. so you get slightly more detail compared to last year’s model plus it supports windows. It weighs 1.5 kilograms weight.


The microphone Quality is absolutely incredible. If you record your voice it will not record your background voice. you can see it covers 100 RGB, 96 adobe RGB, and 99 p3 so it’s great for photo editing and Netflixing. It’s also pretty bright too our sample was able to achieve a peak sustained level of 393 nets. yoga 9i has stereo speakers on this laptop. sound loud they have depth. they sound Bassy and have a level of refinement. you get in the Christmas and Clarity be it while listening to music or watching movies or videos 

 The drive speeds are impressive. we got over 6.6 gigabytes per second on read and over 4.4 gigabytes per second on write. Right so it’s a very snappy drive a lot of you might not know this but it takes a lot of time to piece together. CPU made with AMD for Lenovo and then there’s a 16-inch version with a 16.0-inch OLED 16 by 10 display and similar features with the camera with a bit nice big trackpad.

Lenovo Yoga 9i then for what it’s worth. This machine takes almost all the right boxes. The convertible laptop apart from the above-average webcam quality, and the mushy trackpad. The Lenovo Yoga 9i absolutely Nails it in terms of performance, in terms of solid, and sturdy build. In terms of having a gorgeous, and vibrant display, and in terms of having a great stereo speaker system.

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