Here, the iPhone 14 pro and pro-Max are among the essential characteristics, so let’s go through some tips and tricks that will astound you. You can do so much with it, like taking phone calls, and it works right out of the box.

Dynamic Island

iphone 14 pro
For example, if you tap on it, it'll open the app to full screen, or if you tap and hold, you'll get some quick settings. This applies to most apps that work with Dynamic Island, and it also works with apple music as well as Spotify. I love all the system notifications You'll see these nifty little animations whenever you put your phone on silent, connected for charging or airdrop
iphone 14 pro and dynamic island

Face ID also no longer takes up the entire screen, and here’s a little hidden tip. If you find this distracting animation. Here’s a little-known trick slide left to remove irritating animations or swipe right to restore them. But aside from all that, you can still use many more apps with Dynamic Island-like games.

Action mode of iphone 14 pro

action camera and iphone
action camera
Let's draw some highlights onto the camera of the iPhone 14 pro

You will now see this little action mode Icon. In action mode, you can also choose or change your resolution, whether you want HD or 2.8k, and you can also change the frame rate. Then basically, prepare for your mind to be blown because whether you skip or jump with your phone, as you can see, it stabilizes the footage so well. Apple has a very good market share. Its customer is also very loyal they want to try new iPhone just after when it is launched

Zoom in and zoom out

iphone 14 pro zoom
Zoom in and out

Auto cropping

auto crop and iphone

You can take some of the most insane pictures. If we tap and hold on to any subject and then it will be use the magic potion. It’ll crop your photo, and you can save that image as a PNG. It Makes WhatsApp stickers in seconds using apps. 

Suppose you don’t have any cell service or Wi-Fi connection. In that case, you can send an SMS via satellite. so, your iPhone points you in the right direction to the closest satellite to send short messages to Emergency Services. Still, another very unique feature that makes this one of the safest phones out there is found under privacy and security.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see this new lockdown mode option. If you turn this mode on, your iPhone will block many different connections to your phone. It is only recommended to turn on this mode. If you think you’re busy being hacked or having cyber attacks. Hopefully, none of us ever need to use this. 

 Another fantastic feature that the iPhone 14s come with is car crash detection. What it does is if you’re in a crash. your iPhone will detect that. Suppose you don’t respond. In that case, it’ll send Emergency Services your exact location, so hopefully, none of us ever need to use it, but another cool safety feature worth mentioning is face ID now.

SIRI and iphone 14 pro

14 pro max and automatically hang up

Apple has come a long way, but so has Siri. so, Sirius comes with a few new improvements that make her the boss. If you get a phone call, you can now tell Siri to answer it. which is convenient, especially when your hands are full. Just keep in mind that the other person will hear you say that, but either way, this is super useful.

What’s also cool is now, when you use dictation, it automatically adds punctuation and any emojis. Because you could sound a little crazy without that.

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