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Ned means Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw is one of Karachi’s most famous top-ranked engineering universities. One of well known university for his engineering and academic performance worldwide. NED graduates are not only in Pakistan but also spread worldwide. In Sindh, Pakistan, this is the only University that provides its students with many facilities like Library access, a Career fair, a Book fair, Research Center, a friendly environment, Hostel, Playground, Gymnasium, Extra Curriculum Activities like participating in Society’s events and lot more. These activities will boost the Confidence of Students. There are well-known personalities like Sajjad Khan, who graduated from Ned and is now a part of BMW Mercedes-Benz.

Students of high percentages mainly apply for IT fields because of increasing demand worldwide. Mechanical engineering is the mother field of all engineering, but according to stats of 2022, at merit no 550, all IT fields have been chosen. In 2020, Mechanical Engineering will be one of the top fields in all engineering fields. One thing that I have noticed is that students primarily choose IT because they have seen their seniors start earning in the Second year of their University by freelancing or by providing services in Software houses.

 Five top fields in NED is Software Engineering, BS in Computer Science, BCIT, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. And Students prefer mostly IT first. In Sindh, it will be the best option. But after NED, there are no better options. Still, for better opportunities, you have to increase your pocket sizes like Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Must Islamabad Campus, which are highly paid Universities. A bitter truth that if you add more input, the result will be much better.


Neduet offers Undergraduate admission every year, and thousands of students enroll and graduate in a year. Ned enrolls his students by conducting a computer-based entry test, which is quite challenging for FSC students. The entry test from four main Subjects, including
1) English (25 Mcqs)
2) Physics (25 Mcqs)
3) Chemistry/Computer (25 Mcqs)
4) Mathematics/Biology. (25 Mcqs)

 Total MCQS are 100 and 25 MCQs for each subject, and each MCQ contains one mark. To pass this test, students must score fifty out of a hundred. Those who will get 50 or above chances of High merit-based fields will be increased. Below here, I mentioned some of the hacks for the NED entry test.

Hacks for Clearing NED Entry Test

I have prepared more than 100k Students for NED, Dawood, and UOK entry tests, and as a teacher and as an expert, I have seen that from 2021 onwards, the chances of repetition of MCQs are relatively high. The reason is that NED conducted its first online test using AI Software in 2021 and prepared more than 7000 MCQs. Exciting thing is that the Software works as a robot and chooses 25 MCQs randomly from every subject, and the accuracy of this Software is very high. so, when NED again used this Software in 2022. They added only 1000 new MCQs and used the previous 7000 MCQs, and almost all MCQs are repeated from the past paper of 2021, which is available on our  YouTube Channel LEARN AND GROW and in our website in Typed form.

One of the best things about NED is they enrolled students from all over Karachi/Pakistan. Candidates from different backgrounds learn new and exciting things together. University is also very supportive if you are from a low-middle-class background. Students Affairs Society is there , whose purpose is to help those who can not afford the fees or expenses of their education. While number of Scholarships like Ehsaas, HEC, Engro Scholarship, Maa Scholarship, and a lot more are offered every year.

This University means a lot. Once a student graduates from this University. Then NED tries to help out for job by arranging a career fair. Most reputable organization from Pakistan comes around the corner of NED and hire students according to specific criteria.