children and smartphone

you might be friendly to the term of children and smartphone. You have seen the children in the classroom sitting sleepy and seeming like they don’t understand what the teacher teaches to them. Their eyes are blurry; they are present in the class physically but not mentally. They don’t only hear the words for the first time, they said that they don’t understand the defined problem in the textbooks. Compared to the student I met as a teacher for the first time, this situation is changed. 

 The moment of embracement for the teacher when a student said “I don’t understand” I pondered, what is the change? That’s the children and smartphone combination. Yes, the smartphone is sometimes acting as a positive role. Changing environment is good and if this is about technology so, it would be excellent. Same as for smartphones, not only people got a great opportunity by adopting this modern technology, but another world also totally changed.

children and smartphone

Benefits are in their place but the circumstances of the smartphone of this present age are worthy of consideration.  You might have seen a normal child of four, wearing glasses. What could be the reason behind this? Children are addicted to using a smartphone at close range.  students use it continuously by sitting in the same place constantly. This affects their backbone. Children spend a lot of time gripping smartphones so, their fingers become cramped and inflamed.


Children and Smartphone/ Reading books

Those who read books have good vocabulary and pronunciation skills. That student can accumulate the background of what the teacher is talking about. children with smartphones neither can understand things, nor write them.  Haven’t the ability to pronounce words correctly. I don’t understand the teacher’s explanation, because I don’t understand the topic of the previous class. Because I don’t know what the teacher’s using word means?  I lose my concentration and I have another thought. Was at another place but when my name was called by a teacher I realized that OH GOSH! I am in the classroom. This is because of smartphones in their hands instead of books. when Children use their phones for a long time at night. so, they have insufficient sleep. Due to Children have lack of concentration. Which affects their intentions to do work.


Most children use code language or short code, meaningless words in their chatting so, they don’t aware of the actual word and its meaning, Pronunciation. Reading and pronunciation come by reading story books, and textbooks. When a person reads a book he imagines the situation and can have a lot of dreams. Children of this era can read images. Yes! They give preference to pictures rather than text. I met a child personally, and I asked him to write a story on any of his favorite topics. He replied Sir, I can’t write a story. But if you give me any of the pictures I can evaluate the situation and can make a story and will tell you orally.

Exercise /children and smartphone:

children and smartphone

When I was young, I played a lot of physical games cricket, football, back to back and racing. I enjoyed it a lot. I slept well. By playing physically my mind was fresh and able to do the new task and understand things increased day by day. But these children don’t even want to do physical exercise at school. When the times come for exams they feel stressed.

  Parents are worried about the situation of their children.  Want that their children go to study instead of having smartphones in their hands. Children lost the fun of studying. Some subjects like mathematics and language subjects are impossible to understand without concentration.  English passages and reasons for science can’t be done without making a concept and reading the chapter.

Is your child is also addicted to taking a smartphone in their hands rather than a book? do you also tired with the term children and smartphone? Turn this smartphone into a book and make practice them to study with fun.

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