best digital slr canon rebel t8i
best digital slr canon rebel t8i

According to reports, the Canon T8i is the company’s greatest entry-level, all-purpose camera. However, it has a premium touch, so let’s test this camera to the very limit to see what it was capable of. Can this camera vlog? Can it take stunning photos?

this camera does a full seven frames per second in full raw with pin-sharp autofocus the raw codec and canon cameras are really impressive. We discuss anything and everything to do with camera gear from entry-level to high-end professional gear and we’re always making tutorials to help you get better photos and videos.

Photo sharpness

It is really impressive what this camera was able to accomplish. The photos looked sharp and the colors were vibrant right out of the camera, and after adding a little bit of editing magic to those images, I was even more impressed. I honestly wouldn’t think twice about using this camera for a paid project or any type of photo shoot.

best digital slr canon rebel t8i
best digital slr canon rebel t8i

It does have two significant flaws.  This camera does gorgeous full HD in both 23 frames per second for real-time and 60 frames per second for slow motion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have 120 frames per second for super slow motion, but at this price point, that is pretty hard to find. It also has 4K video, but it actually detracts from the camera package rather than improves it. 

 Other Canon cameras do 4K so much better than this one, costing only a little extra. If you’re interested in making the camera that you now possess or are going to purchase into an asset, manufacturers like Sony do 4K so much better than Canon cameras, but they also do 4K so much better than the Canon t8i

Canon rebel t8i

If you’re interested in making money with just your camera, there are many people who range from the average person who just has a passion and interest in photography and video to someone who has a high paying side business just using their camera. You can start the side business without investing thousands of dollars in photography equipment or months of your time

colors Canon Rebel t8i

digital slr canon rebel t8i
best digital slr canon rebel t8i

With video, you’ll be able to tweak your colours a little bit, but it won’t give you nearly the same flexibility as it does with photos, and certainly not that of a 5 000 or 4 000 cinema camera. However, you can set up a custom flat profile, which allows you to tweak your colours a little bit more when it comes to post-production

Lenses of Canon t8i

As long as you’re using a Canon lens with this camera, you will get a really nice stabilization. It also has software stabilization; it does slightly crop your image when it comes to software stabilization, but it does a great job, so if you want to use it for handheld work or some handheld walking shots, you will get a pretty smooth image

Autofocus Canon t8i
best digital slr canon rebel t8i
best digital slr canon rebel t8i

This camera boasts Canon’s dual-pixel autofocus, which is truly simply set it and forget it if you know anything about Canon cameras. I briefly mentioned autofocus when it came to this camera and I stated it was pin sharp in photographs, but really let me drool over it because it is wonderful. When it comes to focusing, sony and Canon are now at the top of the market. This camera has a very natural focus pull that seems more cinematic and doesn’t distract the viewer from the action.

            This camera also has touch autofocus, which is great because thanks to its side-articulating screen, you can literally touch the screen to focus on anything you want, even while live video recording. This autofocus system makes the camera perfect for vlogging because you can easily flip the screen around.

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