Pakistan is under developed country. It has many natural sources and places that people want to visit not only from neighborhood countries but from all over the world. The most beautiful places of Pakistan are difficult to count because it is a blessed country. So, without wasting your time let’s get info about the beautiful places of Pakistan.

Beautiful Places of Pakistan
Hunza Valley


If you live in Pakistan or you know a little about this country, you must have gone through the name of HUNZA VALLEY. Situated in northern Gilgit Baltistan the region of Pakistan. Hunza is one of the most exotic places in Pakistan and of course has many mountains and valleys. The valley provides a view of several mountains like Rakaposhi, Ultar star, Diran peak, and Ghenta peak. A  most alluring place for tourists. 

 When you visit Hunza you’ll taste the local wealthy culture, traditions, and incredible local foods. The best time to visit Hunza will be the month of May to October because in winter the roads to Hunza are normally blocked by snow. Beauty of this heaven is incomparable; from the soft blossoms of the apricot trees to the dark snowcapped rock monuments of Rakaposhi. Things you must do in Hunza are hunting, hiking, swimming, biking tour, and polo games. Your tour may will also interesting if you visit sacred rocks in Hunza, strange lakes, and glaciers. In short, if you want to spend time with nature Hunza is the best place to explore nature in Pakistan.

Naran Kagan Beautiful places of Pakistan
Naran Kaghan


These are two amazing places in Khyber Pakhtun Khua. Are amazing places for those who love nature. You’ll find beautiful rivers, snow-capped mountains, and picturesque lakes. Kagan valley is incredibly on the brink of Naran. Kagan valley is the best place to enjoy cold weather in the summer season. Many foreigners spend their summer vacations in kagan. Good time to visit these places is April to September.

Swat valley
Swat valley


Pakistan has shrivelled its tourist in the last some years but still, it has some beautiful places. Where we can breathe in natural beauty, and diverse wildlife. Swat is legendary for its lush foliage, and alpine snowy mountains. Pollution-free atmosphere, fresh air, and charming and hospitable people are all free over there. Tourists attract special places in swat like Malam Jabba Swat Museum Miandam Madyan Bahrain Kalam.

Concordia Beautiful places of Pakistan


The Concordia is a giant ice land mountain. An exciting place for hikers and climbers tourist. Concordia is in the North of Pakistan near the china border. Glaciers meet from K2 to Gasherbrums and chogolisa. Now, this is the meeting place of mountaineers, travelers, adventurers, and nature lovers from many lands brought together by shared interests and ideals, and common goals.



Hingol park is 3 hours far away from Pakistan’s most well-known town Karachi. A park that looks like a Martian planet. Somehow Pakistanis don’t need to face permission within the park However, foreigners need to face this downside.

Shahjahan mosque
Shahjahan Masjid


Shahjahan place of worship is one among the oldest mosques set in Sindh’s historic town Thatta. It’s from the age of the Mughal empire. Made of red bricks and was designed in the ancient construction era.

Rohtas fort Beautiful places of pakistan
Rohtas Fort


Hi, there welcome to another attention-grabbing place. Rohtas fort is situated near Jehlum, Punjab. Rohtas Fort, one of the largest forts in South Asia, is a majestic and distinctive specimen of pure military architecture in the whole subcontinent. It’s simple to urge lost amongst the walls and gates for an entire day. Keep in mind that the fort charges an entrance fee of 500 rupees for foreigners and 20 rupees for Pakistanis.

Katpana desert
Katpana Desert


Katpana dessert is the world’s highest desert to my knowledge. It’s high-altitude desert has a height of roughly 7303 feet and such rise from the ocean makes it cold. It is located in Skardu(Gilgit Baltistan). The desert technically stretches from the Khaplu Valley to Zanskar in Ladakh, but the largest desert area is found in Skardu and Shigar Valley.

Badshahi Masjid


It Is located in the capital of Punjab means Lahore. Largest masjid in the Islamic world is Badshahi Masjid. Was built by Muslim leader Nawab Zain Yar Bahadur. If you have ever visited Lahore, then you may have been able to spot the mosque because of the four octagonal three-story minarets – four major and four minor, erected at the corners of the mosque. The Badshahi Masjid experienced amazing tourists Muslim and non-Muslims.  The charm of this mosque has attracted many politicians and celebrities, including Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, on their tours to Pakistan.

Fairy meadow
Fairy Meadow


Most tourist comes to Pakistan to go to Fairy Meadows to hike Nanga Parbat one of the highest mountains in Pakistan of course, second to K2. Do you want to visit Fairy meadows? so,  you must have to take your necessities things to eat, to wear, etc. Because there is not any shop or hotels. And If there is, they are very expensive.

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