Asus G14 in 2023: If you’re searching for a strong gaming laptop, now could be the time to get one of them because, at the beginning of the year, they were quite pricey and virtually unavailable in Canada. However, that seems to have changed. It has a metal bottom, which, although it may appear plastic, is really made of magnesium rather than, say, aluminum or plastic. yes, we are talking about Asus G14 in 2023. 

asus g14 in 2023
asus g14 in 2023

Asus g14 in 2023:

There are a lot of variations for the Zephyrus G14, but I only saw two processors: the Ryzen 9 7940 HS and the Ryzen 9 7935 HS, both of which have eight cores and sixteen threads. I confirmed with Asus that this is because AMD’s five-nanometer process is more power-efficient and typically has better battery life. However, these Ryzen 7000 series CPUs won’t be slouches in this chassis and they might not perform as well.

Processor of Asus G14 in 2023:

 We’ll have to wait for official benchmarks to determine which CPU is actually better for gaming in 2023, but one thing is certain: you’ll get great frame rates with AMD or Intel whichever CPU you choose this year another great year for processors. However, they are still plenty fast for general productivity content creation and could be even better than Intel for gaming.

Display of Asus G14 in 2023:

This really shores up one of the biggest weaknesses the G14 had in the past which was a slower response time for the display all of these things put together should mean the G14 is an excellent all-around laptop one very important thing to keep in mind that when you buy this laptop you will need to have a 165 Hertz 16×10 QHD display with up to 600 nits Peak brightness and the display has a very very fast 3ms response time at least that’s what Asus is claiming.

asus g14 in 2023
asus g14 in 2023

 Since Asus is unable to fit both in such a thin laptop lid, they did actually show me what the LEDs in the anime Matrix look like behind the plastic, which is kind of cool, but be aware that when they use mini LEDs they are essentially flipping the anime Matrix LEDs backward to face towards the anime Matrix so when you’re using them on the display they are flipped forwards and improving the display quality instead. Now Asus has included not just a muck.

Keyboard and Trackpad of Asus G14 in 2023:

I simply feel that this keyboard in general feels wonderful to type on but it doesn’t appear as stylish as other of the competition keyboards. If Asus made the keyboard’s lighting significantly brighter or maybe as perky it would be a great RGB possibility. It offers a few features. One of them is that you can come in here and adjust the battery charge health so that you can have it at full capacity if you need your battery all day, or else you can set it a bit lower so it’ll only charge up as I like to feel that tactile response the haptic one that was on the z13.  It has a really nice  trackpad

webcam of Asus G14 in 2023:

 This year’s model of Asus laptops, the G14, comes with a webcam and Windows Hello cameras for logging in, both of which I really like. You can still use the fingerprint sensor to log into Windows with a single press when you turn the laptop on, at least if it fully registers your fingerprint when you press the button, so you’ve got to be careful how you press it and do it consistently with a dry finger.

asus g14 in 2023
asus g14 in 2023
Other specifications of Asus G14 in 2023:

We see a micro SD card slot, two USB 3.2 ports, and what appears to be a USBC with DisplayPort on the right side. On the left, we have a headphone jack and an HDMI port. Overall, the G14 will be one of the greatest portable gaming laptops in 2023.

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