So Asus recently unveiled a number of brand-new laptops, but for the purposes of this blog post, I want to focus specifically on the Zephyrus Rog g16 and M16 because there are a few design changes and decisions that Asus made. First of all, the g15 from the previous year is no longer a thing; it has now been bumped up to a g16.

asus best g16 and m16 in 2023
asus best g16 and m16 in 2023

Ports of Asus G16 and M16 in 2023:

asus best g16 and m16 in 2023 ports
asus best g16 and m16 in 2023

G16 indicates that the aspect ratio will be 16:10. If you get a 2023 g16, the port lineup will be exactly as shown below, with the exception of the internals that the new g16 will employ, and it will support up to a 280-watt battery. On the left side, there will be a combination jack, a micro SD card slot, and a USB port. 

 On the right, there will be an RJ45 connector, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 type A port, and two type C ports, one of which will be Thunderbolt 4, and HDMI 2.1. One of these type-C ports will be relocated to the right-hand side. The M16’s RJ45 connector will no longer work with the M16; it is now only compatible with the G16.

Animatic display of G16 and M16 in 2023:

Now, this is exactly how the front or lid of the G16 will appear. The only difference is that it won’t be as dark as the M16; instead, it will be a little lighter for the G16 lineup. The new M16 will continue to come in black, but it will also be available in white. Additionally, the new M16 has the option to be acquired with an Animatrix display. If you choose to do this, however, the weight will increase from 4.63 pounds to over five.  if you have to pay more for it, it’s just not worth it. The Animatrix on the laptop’s back not only wastes battery life but also looks quite tacky.

asus best g16 and m16 in 2023
asus best g16 and m16 in 2023

The g16 will not have an Animatrixback panel, but it is also a lighter laptop, weighing 4.41 pounds as opposed to 4.63 pounds; however, both laptops will feature the same keyboard, with a 1.7-millimeter travel distance, making typing quite pleasant.

Speakers of Asus G16 and M16 in 2023:

The g16 and M16 both include six speakers and, unsurprisingly, support Dolby Atmos. They also feature the Ergo hinge, which allows the lid to move up and down when the laptop is opened, improving airflow for cooling the display by doing away with the display’s thick bezel. I’m not sure if you recall, but the old g15 had a thick bottom bezel, so the new M16 and g16 will seem much cleaner. However, some of you out there don’t like it since you were worried that air from the fans might blow against the display.

QHD and LED version in Asus G16 and M16 in 2023

Now that the play is going to go up to QHD, there is a mini LED version that you can get with either laptop; it will run at 165 Hertz but if you buy the regular QHD panel that’s not mini LED then it’s going to be 240 Hertz. The M16 is going to be slightly more refined; you’re going to have a proper aluminum lid with a magnesium alloy body whereas the g16 will be entirely magnesium alloy.

asus best g16 and m16 in 2023
asus best g16 and m16 in 2023

You will get a faster GPU version if you purchase the M16 because I feel like the slightly larger chassis is going to allow for a little bit better cooling, but there’s one major issue with the g16 because it’s using last year’s generation of Intel processors. The g16 might just top out with an i7 13700h both of these laptops will have Nvidia RTX 40 series GPUs they’re going to be running at 120 watts plus Dynamic boost.

  Because the new M16 is slightly different and is allowing two slots to be utilized, you must switch to the M16 if you want two upgrade slots. For some of you, this may not be a big deal because 48 gigabytes is more than enough, but if you want a true 64 running in dual Channel configuration, you must choose the M16.

Webcam in Asus G16 and M16 in 2023:

Additionally, both of these laptops will have a 1080p webcam. The specifications are really intriguing because the g16 no longer uses an AMD CPU, which is frustrating because that is what distinguished the g15 from the M16. With the release of the new G16, some people who wanted an AMD processor for its longer battery life even though it didn’t perform as well as the Intel version have had that option somewhat removed. Granted, if you want the fastest Intel processor in this series, you’ll likely find it in the M16 up to an I9 13900h.

Performance of Asus best G16 and M16 in 2023:

 I haven’t yet benchmarked 13th-generation mobile CPUs, but you may anticipate a performance boost of 10 to 11 percent with single-core clock rates. If you use synthetic benchmarks to measure multi-core clock rates, you may anticipate an increase of between 30 and 40 percent; however, workloads will vary, with gamers likely experiencing a 10 to 12 percent rise. 

 If you’re a Creator between the ages of 10 and 15, it really depends on what you’re doing; if it’s really GPU-specific, you could notice a significant improvement; otherwise, general fan noise is likely to be very, very close to that of the previous year.

asus best g16 and m16 in 2023
asus best g16 and m16 in 2023

I do know that it won’t be as good as last year’s AMD version, but I do expect these Intel CPUs to run very similarly to last year’s models now hopefully this information provided some clarity between these two laptops. Both of them are getting liquid metal on the CPU and GPU so it should run a little bit cooler compared to the previous version but it’s really hard to see what battery life is.

AMD processor in Asus g16 and M16 in 2023:

It’s kind of saddening that the AMD processor is no longer available because I know a lot of you out there just prefer greater battery life and you do not really concern if you have that slightly more performance that the Intel processor generates. The g16 will be priced a bit more affordably while the M16 is really being tailored toward users who want to get the most out of this sort of style. 

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