4 years of Graduation


Students have great importance in these 4 years of university in their life. They learn new things, adopt a new culture, and change their personality into professional ones. I remember the first day I came to N.E.D university of engineering and technology, the gates stood tall, and I felt little as I passed them. Hesitantly, I made my way into a large ground covered with endless seats under a white tent. Walking anxiously towards my seat, attempting the test with shaky hands and praying for every answer to be correct. After the test waiting for the evening for the result of the test to become out. My shaking hands were searching for my seat number to see the score. Oh My God! I passed the test with a good score. Now, the time was to wait for the call to select the discipline of my choice.  

 4 years of the university

I remember the day my name shone on the big auditorium screen, and my nervous self walked up to the stage, ready to pick my field. I remember the look on my parent’s faces and the proud smile they wore.

An unexpected course of events led me to the NED University of Engineering and Technology. Life took a 360° turn, and I was lost in social anxiety. Despite the numerous similarities between the surrounding people and me, I felt different. Also different because I was made to feel that way.


Exploring the university is the first thing I did in these 4 years of university, attending my first class, sitting in the midst of unknown people, passing long corridors, camping in canteens with my friends, those long hours in classes, last-minute assignments, rushed presentations, and crash classes from that one generous friend. Little by little, these things became a part of me, and NED became home.

Friend circle

As I adapted and came to terms with what life had brought to me, the Pandemic happened. It was like problems came to me in a package. I had to become strong and maintain sanity to keep my people together. I could not break, and I’m glad I went through these experiences. Did let go of people who were consuming too much of my mind and becoming the cause of stress. They weren’t at fault. It was me trying to have it all. Since then, I’ve witnessed in myself:
-Immense growth
-Gratitude and,
– the urge to continue working hard 

 Life at NED was like riding a train, going over straight, curvy paths, dark tunnels, and beautiful sceneries. All these ups and downs carved me into the person I am today. Many stations arrived, many people came in, and many went away. It was my turn to get off this train, for I had reached my destination. 

  4 years of university

These 4 years of university slipped away expeditiously, and I am standing proudly on that same ground, wearing my black gown. This is the place where everything started, and this is where everything is ending, a perfect closure indeed.

4 years of university

Finally, it’s time to bid farewell to this place. I don’t know what the future holds or what challenges I will face. However, the lessons I learned, the people I met, and the memories I made, are written in my heart, and I will carry them within me forever. This place will always stay with me no matter where I go or what I achieve.

Stage of Personality improvement. in these 4 years of university.

 NED is a place that made me realize how naive I’m to believe everyone around me. It taught me that life always gives you a second chance if your intentions are pure, taught me to find happiness within myself and expect less from people. I can proudly say that today NED has revolutionized me into a better human. It has shown me the true colors of people and life. I’ll eternally be in debt to my parents,

Four years later, I stand firm with a degree in my hand. It was hard, but God was there for me always, and that’s my belief. Thanks to God for all the love and support that I have received. How fast were these 4 years of university!

A big thank you to my parents for always believing in me. My teachers and friends all contributed significantly to this journey. One that I dreaded, but I’m taking so much to learn with me.

 To anyone and everyone who takes the time to read this post, always believe in your abilities. Work hard because that’s constant, and it’s one thing you can control. Be positive and strong. And remember, You are the most important for yourself.

Best of luck to everyone worldwide who is beginning a new life journey. May God bless you with the best.

By Ayesha

I am admin of highkrave Ayesha Aslam. My aim is to share information about technology through blogging so many people will take benefits from it.

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